Whiting Manufacturing Company Antique Sterling Silver and Mixed Metal Aesthetic Movement Centerpiece Bowl, New York, NY, c. 1880

This beautiful centerpiece or fruit bowl is a magnificent example of American aesthetic movement silver. Using various media and techniques, Whiting created a masterpiece. Made from heavy gauge silver, the round body flares outward with the inside of the rim having an applied ring band.

Inversely shaped, the foot is decorated with repousséd flowers, foliage and rocks in a woodland scene with stunning details against a textured background. On the body, finely engraved grasses and plants emanate from the base.

Six varied fruits: raspberries, olives, cherries, strawberries, pears and grapes are represented on the bowl in mixed metal. The realistic representations of fruit are executed in copper and the foliage in silver.

The appropriate branches (or vines) with leaves are cast, applied and hand chased for detail. Two small branches which hang over the rim act as very unusual handles. All these pieces are set on a hammered body, adding a wonderful shimmer to the outside and interior surfaces of the bowl.

This stunning antique bowl is marked underneath with the Whiting trademark and 'STERLING/ 666'. It measures 9 inches round at the top by 4.5 inches high, weighs 34.05 troy ounces and is in excellent condition with some wear to the interior gilding.
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