Tiffany & Co. 'Persian' Pattern Antique Sterling Silver Nut Picks, New York City, 1875-91 -set of 12

These rare and beautiful nut picks in Tiffany's 'Persian' pattern feature a wonderfully chased and gilt tips. Identical (without the gilding) nut picks are pictures and discussed in Tiffany Silver Flatware by William P. Hood (p.204), where Hood states, "The elaborate decoration on these small pieces is certainly unusual, if not unique." Nut picks are delicate objects made for a tough task and they rarely survive in good condition today.

Tiffany's 'Persian' pattern is one of the most elegant late-19th century patterns ever created. First introduced in 1872 and inactive before 1904, Persian was designed by Edward C. Moore. Moore found inspiration in many exotic eastern designs. He amassed a large and notable collection of Persian and mid-eastern items that was donated to the Metropolitan Museum upon his death. A natural extension of his passion, Persian - in good condition - remains as beautiful and exotic today as then. (See William Hood in Tiffany Silver Flatware pp. 199-202 and Magnificent Tiffany Silver.)

These nut picks measures 5 inches long. They are marked 'TIFFANY & CO.', 'STERLING', 'PAT. 1872' and with the capital 'M' mark which dates them to 1875-91. Monogrammed 'R.R.W. ' in a script style and weighing 7.9 troy ounces, they are in exceptional condition, retaining all their original gilding.
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