Marshall Field & Company Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver and Enamel Ladle, Chicago, 1903-1920's

This is a rare and fantastic gravy ladle created by Marshall Field and Company of Chicago. It is made from two pieces of silver that are formed to create the handle and bowl and soldered together. The ladle is made from heavy gauge silver.

The handle has a graceful curve and flattened sides with a wide top area. Stunning inlaid green, blue and orange enamels decorate the top of the handle. Enamel work in silver is very rare and the designer/ craftsman who executed this piece created a striking motif with lovely, vibrant colored enamels.

The large bowl is beautifully hammered with irregular hammer blows. This contrasts wonderfully with the plain, flat surface of the handle.

Along with being a famous retail store, Marshall Field & Co. was one of Chicago's most important makers of arts & crafts silver.

'Field's started with a wholesale line...including arts and crafts silver and jewelry. From c. 1903, hand-hammered Colonial silver marked with a distinctive 925/000 represented Field's wholesale line, and pieces often bear the names of the retail stores as well.'(1)

This rare ladle is marked underneath '925' and '1000' within oval punches.

It measures 7.5 inches long, weighs 2.45 troy ounces and is in excellent antique condition.


  1. Darcy L. Evon, HAND WROUGHT Arts & Crafts Metalwork & Jewelry 1890-1940, (Atglen: Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2013), p. 132.
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