Lows, Ball & Company Antique Coin Silver Presentation Water Pitcher, Boston, 1844, Possibly by Obadiah Rich

A stunning example of early Boston coin silver, this magnificent pitcher is of bulbous form on a stepped ring pedestal base. Very fine feather banding creates a lovely edge to the base.

Chased and engraved swirling foliage and flowers decorate the body along with large acanthus leaves hanging downward from the shaped spout. An applied handle and thumb-piece are also decorated in the same fashion.

Some of the finest silver made by Obadiah Rich was sold by Jones, Ball & Co. This hand raised piece is of a high quality commiserate with Rich's shop and we have had very similar, if not identical, handles on pieces marked by Rich.

The reserve on the front is engraved 'Presented to/ Harriet Peabody/ by/ Elizabeth Peabody/ Dec. 1844'.

This exquisite pitcher is marked underneath 'LOWS, BALL & COMPANY/ Pure Silver Coin/ Boston'. It measures 12.75 to the top of the thumb-piece, weighs 27.85 troy ounces and is in excellent condition.
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