Hall, Hewson and Co. Antique Coin Silver Beakers - 10, Albany, NY, c. 1847

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An exceedingly rare set of ten early American silver beakers, these are beautifully shaped with tapering lower bodies and gracefully curved spreading rims. The bodies are engraved with a simple 'R' initial.

Attached to the bodies are low circular bases. One cup is engraved 'E.G.R. 1847 to J.H.H 1905'. These cups are made of heavy gauge silver and totally hand-raised.  The rims were thickened while raising to give them extra strength.

This exceptional set is marked underneath with Hall & Hewson's mark along with their pseudo-hallmarks. They measure just over 3 inches wide by 3,75 inches high, weigh a total 57.25 troy ounces and are in excellent antique condition with slight expected wear to the initial.  

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