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George Sharp Antique Sterling Silver Knight's Helmet Sauce Ladle, Philadelphia, PA, c. late 1860's

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This amazing ladle features a curved, beaded handle surmounted with a knight's helmet. It has stunning details and a small creature on top. This design is incredibly rare. The apropos helmet-shaped bowl is covered in gilding and features a female face with flowing hair at the back of the bowl. Due to its size, this ladle would have been used most likely for dessert sauces or cream.

Original patent drawing for George Sharp's "Knight's Helmet" pattern
Original patent drawing for George Sharp's "Knight's Helmet" pattern. In his patent application, Sharp claimed "the helmet a,  shaft b, shield c, and gauntlets d" were his original designs.


This lovely, small ladle is marked with Sharp's trademark and 'PATENT.' It measures 7.25 inches long, weighs 1.70 troy ounces and is in excellent antique condition.