Erik Magnussen 930 Silver Mounted Bing and Groendahl Lamp, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1911

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Exquisite, large silver butterflies adorn this rare lamp. The art nouveau butterflies are shaped to conform to the shape of the vase and are pierced to enhance their beauty with the soft color shown. The top rim of the body has an applied edge of berries and leaves. The base also has an applied silver collar of decorative berries. The applied silver not only beautifies the lamp but protects its edges. At the top of the base, a silver domed cover decorated with leaves and berries fits into the body. Mounted onto this cover is the (not original) mid-century electrical light fixture.


The large body of the base is a lovely soft blue/grey color, and the combination with the silver is stunning.


Erik Magnussen is considered one of the greatest art deco silversmiths working in the United States, most famously known for his work while employed at Gorham, from 1925 to 1929. Before being hired by Gorham, Magnussen was a prominent silversmith in Copenhagen, known for his arts & crafts style hand-wrought pieces. He showed at exhibitions and worked in mixed media, like this beautiful piece of art. For a brief history of his work in Denmark, see here.


This rare lamp is marked "ERIK M/ EM/ 930SS/ 34/ 1911." The porcelain is stamped with the Bing & Groendahl factory mark and "B&G MADE IN DENMA[RK]" along with the painter's initials 'CH.' The body measures 15.25 inches tall, and the insert and shade add another 11 inches. It is in excellent condition.