Arthur Stone Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver 'Seal-Top' Spoons - 2, Gardner, MA, early 20th c.

These wonderful and rare spoons were made in Arthur Stone's Gardner, Massachusetts shop in the early 20th century by master spoonmaker Charles Brown. Entirely raised by hand, these spoons have a beautiful finish, almost sparkling - especially on the planishing marks near the top. A similar example (with a coin in the bowl) can be found in the collection of the Worcester Art Museum, donated by Mrs. Arthur J. Stone. (See Arthur J. Stone, 1847-1938: Designer and Silversmith by Elenita C. Chickering, catalog number 55, p. 112.)

Medieval design played a major role in the arts and crafts aesthetic. These spoons are based on a medieval/ renaissance English form, the 'Seal-Top.' They vary slightly from traditional styles in that there are two sausage shaped devices, rather than the traditional one device. Most interestingly, these spoons are entirely raised by hand, unlike the early examples which had cast and applied tops.

These spoons measure 6 inches long, weigh 1.25 troy ounces each and are monogrammed on top of the seal 'A' over 'H*J' in an antique block style.

Arthur Stone was the undisputed master silversmith of the Boston arts and crafts movement. His shop produced some of the finest silver ever made, and many of the journeymen who worked for him were masters in their own right. Unlike other shops he allowed his journeymen to mark their work. These bear the mark of Charles Brown, master spoonmaker. In 1935, Brown won the "Medalist" award from the Boston Society of Arts and Crafts - one of only eight silversmiths to receive this prestigious award, the highest honor bestowed by the society.

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