Meriden Britannia Co./ International Silver Rare "Palladiant" Modern Sterling Silver & Aventurine Compote, Meriden, CT, 1931-32

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Not only is this compote beautiful, it is extremely rare and an example of clever innovation. It has a lovely, hammered surface with fluting. A carved aventurine quartz is held between the attached base and bowl.

So what is Palladiant, you ask? The number one question we always get asked is, "What do you use to polish your silver?" (A: Wrights.)

To try and solve the tarnish issue on silver, International introduced Palladiant  - sterling silver with a platinum finish. It could be washed with soap and water, was 'undetectable' by the average person, and prevented tarnish. (We see a slight yellow/ greenish tone, which is hard to discern in digital images.) (1)

Palladiant failed commercially, as depression-era consumers were unwilling to pay the additional cost for the line. (2) Only rarely do pieces from the small production in 1931-32 come on the market.

Private Collection

This rare modern compote is marked with Meriden Britannia Company's trademark and 'STERLING/ AT2769-1W/ PALLADIANT.' It measures 7 inches in diameter by 3 inches high, weighs 11.55 troy ounces (platinum inclusive!), and is in excellent condition.

For a Palladiant cocktail shaker in the same line, see here (or the article in Silver Magazine referenced below.)


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