Gorham Antique Sterling Silver 'Sample' Inkstand with Antlers, Providence, RI, 1900

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This unique inkwell is a stunning example of art nouveau silver. Although not part of Gorham's famous Martelé line, it certainly has a striking design influence on its form. The pen holders are original antlers attached to a base of glorious, flowing art nouveau silver executed in organic fluid motion. The attached inkwell with a hinged cover is formed as a large flower bud of unfolding petals.

This outstanding inkstand is marked with Gorham's trademark along with sample codes 'B M' (which we have yet to find in any records), 'STERLING,' and the date symbol for 1900. The silver measures 6.75 inches long by 5.75 inches wide by 3.75 inches to the top of the inkwell cover. This item is in excellent antique condition.