March 24, 2017 1 min read

Thomas Fletcher was the single most important American silversmith of his era.  

In partnership with Sidney Gardiner and by himself after Gardiner's untimely death, Fletcher created the most important silver of young Republic during the early 19th century.  

Many of his presentation pieces are simply spectacular and can be found in the finest museum collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Winterthur and many others.

One of the pair of Dewitt-Clinton Vases at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Dewitt-Clinton vases (image courtesy, celebrating the completion of the Erie Canal, are exceptional.  Combining French Empire and English Regency details, they are custom designed for the presentation are are some of the finest silver pieces ever made in this country. 

This platter was part of an important presentation made after the War of 1812. (We had this piece, which descended in the family, but most of the service is in the collection of the Maryland Historical Society).

On the back it was inscribed:

Along with breathtaking presentation silver, Fletcher & Gardiner made fantastic silver for people to use.  We've had many pieces by the firm and are always struck by their quality.  

The Rotch family service c. 1820-25 by Fletcher & Gardiner, Philadelphia

Whether fine flatware such as this Fiddle, Thread & Shell service from c. 1820-25 owned by the Rotch family of New Bedford or the bread basket sold in Boston by J. B. Jones, all of their pieces feature wonderful design and quality.  

Using their domestic silver reminds one how wonderful silver can feel in the hand, how beautiful their pieces are and what a privilege it is to own them. 

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