Maria Regnier Modernist Sterling Compact, St Louis, MO or Savannah, GA 1945-63

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This rare and beautiful hand-wrought compact case has a bold modern design with applied circular discs to the cover. The shallow interior contains a mirror. According to an article in Silver Magazine, 'The circle was a favorite motif that she (Regnier) applied to jewelry, lipstick cases and compacts, as well as boxes.' (1)

One seldom finds items created by Maria Regnier on the market. For a wonderful article about Maria Regnier, see "Maria Regnier: Rediscovering a Modernist Silversmith" by Marissa S. Hershon in the November/ December 2018 issue of Silver Magazine.

This rare item is marked 'MR' and 'STERLING/ HANDWROUGHT.'It measures 3 inches square by .5 inches high and is in very good antique condition with slight lifting to one corner.


  1.  Marissa S. Hershon, "Maria Regnier: Rediscovering a Modernist Silversmith" in Silver Magazine, November/ December 2018, pp. 18-25.