Gorham & Thurber Antique Coin Silver Goblet, Providence, RI, 1850-52

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Eight panels are executed with stunning precision to create the wonderful cup of this rare goblet. An applied molded band strengthens the top rim. The stem, base, and platform plinth are all designed in octagonal forms with the stem flaring outward as it spreads down. These surfaces and shapes are masterful achievements for a silversmith.

One panel of the body is engraved with the name 'Dexter.'

Any silver marked Gorham & Thurber is rare, especially holloware. Gorham and Thurber was a brief three-year partnership between John Gorham and his cousin Gorham Thurber and it is the period Gorham started making holloware. While there is earlier holloware marked J. Gorham & Son, it was likely only retailed by Gorham.

This wonderful goblet is marked underneath with 'GORHAM & THURBER/ PROVIDENCE, RI/ PURE COIN.' The bowl is a bit uneven from the stem which we believe was in the making. It measures just shy of 5.75 inches high, weighs 6.30 troy ounces, and is in very good antique condition.