American Coin Silver Philadelphia Water Works/ Trinity Church Card Case, c. 1850

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This wonderful, collectible calling card case features a scene of The Philadelphia Water Works on one side and Trinity Church (NYC) on the other. Each of the scenes is surrounded by ornamental foliate designs. Above the church is a cartouche engraved 'H. Dorwart.'

Both of the locations depicted represent significant building achievements.

Frederick Graff designed the Philadelphia (or Fairmont) Waterworks, built between 1812 and 15. Due to their classical beauty and set on a lovely section of the Schuylkill River, the waterworks have been a tourist attraction since they were built.

With its towering spire, Trinity Church was the 'tallest building in the United States until 1869, as well as the tallest in New York City until 1890.' (See Wikipedia.)

This lovely card case is unmarked. It measures 2.25 inches wide by just over 3.25 inches long, weighs 1.50 troy ounces, and is in excellent antique condition with a tiny dent in one corner.