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American Antique Coin Silver (before 1860-ish):

American Sterling Silver St. Louis Veil Prophet Napkin Ring, 1900

Francis W. Cooper American Coin Silver Wine Wagon or Trolley, New York City, 1849-54

Durgin, F. A. 'Medallion' Antique Coin Silver Child's Cup, c. 1865

Rich, Obadiah (attr.) 6-piece Antique Coin Silver Coffee and Tea Service, retailed by Lows, Ball & Company, Boston, c. 1840, owned by Charles L. Wilson NEW

Wishart, Hugh Coin Silver Covered Sugar Bowl, New York, c. 1800

American 19th & 20th Century Sterling Silver (after 1860-ish):

American Aesthetic Movement Antique Sterling Silver Pill Box, c. 1890 NEW

Dominick & Haff (attributed) Antique Sterling & Other Metals Kettle on Stand, c. 1880 NEW

Friedell, Clemens Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver Tall Vase, Pasadena, CA, C. 1920's

Gale, Dominick & Haff Antique Sterling Silver Medallion Pitcher and Goblets Set, New York City, 1870-72 HOLD

Pair of Gorham Sterling Bottle/ Wine Coasters, Providence, RI, 1877

Gorham Antique Sterling Silver Wine Coaster, Providence, RI, c. 1910 NEW

Gorham Antique Sterling Silver and Other Metals Bowl, Providence, 1881

Gorham Mfg. Co. Antique Sterling & Coin Silver Figural Garniture, Providence, RI, c. 1865-69

Gorham Sterling Bottle Ticket 'Sherry'

Gorham Martelé .9584 Silver Antique Olive Dish, Providence, RI -1898

Gorham Antique Coin Silver Figural Vase, Providence, RI, c. 1865

Grosjean & Woodward Antique Sterling Silver Cake Basket, Retailed by Tiffany & Co., 1854-65

Howard & Company Antique Sterling Silver Candlesticks, New York, 1896, set of 4

The Kalo Shop Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver Hand Wrought Large Centerpiece/ Punch Bowl, Chicago, IL, 1929-34 NEW

The Kalo Shops Massive Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver Covered Server, Chicago, IL, 1912 NEW

The Kalo Shop Large Hand Wrought Sterling Silver Arts & Crafts Desk Tray, Chicago, IL, c. 1920's NEW

The Kalo Shop Hand Wrought Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver Pitcher, Chicago, IL, 1929-32 NEW

Pair of Kalo Shop Hand Wrought Sterling Silver Arts & Crafts Candlesticks, Chicago, Illinois - c. 1960's SOLD

The Kalo Shops Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver Bowl, Chicago, IL, 1913 NEW

Pair of The Kalo Shops Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver Covered Entrée or Vegetable Servers, Chicago, IL, 1912-16

Pair of Kalo Shop Hand Wrought Sterling Silver Arts & Crafts 15" Tall Candlesticks, Chicago, Illinois - c. 1920's NEW

The Kalo Shop Hand Wrought Sterling Silver Arts & Crafts Trophy Pitcher, Onwentsia Club, Chicago, Illinois - 1914

Knight, Mary(attr) and Seth Ek Sterling Silver Tea Strainer, Boston, MA, 1905 NEW

Leinonen, Karl F. Handmade Sterling Silver Arts & Crafts Bowl, Boston, c. 1920's NEW

Magnussen, Erik for Gorham 'Modern American' Art Deco Sterling Silver Centerpiece Bowl, Providence, 1928

Marshall Field & Company 'Colonial' Sterling Silver Arts & Crafts Water Pitcher, Chicago, 1907-c. 1925 NEW

McAuliffe & Hadley Sterling Silver Arts & Crafts Coffee Set

Mulholland Brothers Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver Vase/ Trophy, Evanston, IL, 1919

Mulholland Brothers Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver Centerpiece Bowl, Evanston, IL, 1919-34

Novick, Falick Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver Gravy Boat, c. 1930's

Novick, Falick Arts & Crafts Large Sterling Silver Tray, Chicago, c. 1929

Panis, Stavre Gregor Sterling Silver Salt Dishes, Falmouth, Massachusetts, c. 1930's - one pair SOLD

Schremmer, Harold Sterling with Pearls New York Yacht Club Commodore's Cup Yachting Trophy, Southington, Connecticut, 1965 SOLD

Shiebler Antique Sterling Silver Aesthetic Movement Glove Stretchers, New York, c. 1885 NEW

Stone Associates Hand Made Sterling Silver Oval Bowl, Gardner, MA, c. 1950 SOLD

Tiffany & Co 6-piece Aesthetic Movement Antique Sterling Silver Coffee Service in the Indo/Persian Taste, NYC, c. 1880 SOLD

Tiffany & Co Aesthetic Movement Antique Sterling Silver Japonesque Salver, 1874

Tiffany & Co Antique Aesthetic Movement Sterling Silver and Cut Glass Flask in the Japanese Taste, New York City, c. 1877 NEW

Tiffany & Co 'Special Hand Work' Large Sterling Silver Wine Cooler or Vase, c. 1916

Tiffany & Co Repoussé Antique Sterling Silver Water Pitcher, 1870-91

Tiffany & Co Antique Sterling Silver Cactus Design Serving Tray, New York City, 1900

Whiting Antique Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Water Pitcher and Yachting Trophy, New York City, 1904

Wood & Hughes Antique Sterling Silver Perfume, New York, c. 1880's

Woolley, James T. Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver Porringer, Boston, 1939 SOLD

British - English, Irish & Scottish Silver:

English Regency Large Antique Sterling Silver Meat Platter, Paul Storr, London, 1819/20, bearing the Arms of the Earl of Stamford NEW

William IV Antique Sterling Silver Wine Funnel by Robert Hennell, London, 1832/33 NEW

George II Antique English Sterling Silver Platter, Edward Feline, London, 1747/48 NEW

George III Sterling Silver Dish Cross by Robert Hennell II, London, 1790/91 NEW

English Sterling Modern Pitcher with Strainer by Stuart Devlin, London, 1968/69 nEW

English George III Antique Sterling Silver Candle Snuffers, William Cafe, London 1762/63 SOLD

George III Antique Sterling Silver Wine Funnel by John Emes, London, 1802/03 NEW

Pair of English Antique Sterling Silver Candlesticks by S.C. Younge & Co, 1803/04 with Antique Sheffield Plate Branches

Two Pair of Modern English Sterling Silver Figural Salt and Pepper Shakers, Iain David Young, London, 1991 SOLD

English Antique Sterling Silver 'Sherry' Bottle Ticket by Joseph Taylor, Birmingham, 1824/25

The McCall Family Pair of Antique English Sterling Silver Sauce Tureens John Wakefield, London, 1820/21

Pair of English Sterling Silver Knife Rests Savory, London - 1834-36

Continental Silver:

Antique Austrian Silver Imperial Dinner Plates from the Second Sachsen-Teschen Service, Ignatz Joseph Würth, Vienna, 1781 - pair SOLD

Després, Jean Mid-Century Modern Silver Plate Sauce Boat with Stand, Avallon, France, c. 1950's

French Ancien Régime Antique Silver Wine Taster by TT, probably Normandy or Upper Brittany, c. 1770 NEW

French Ancien Régime AntiqueSilver Wine Taster by Antoine Anrieu, St. Flour, 1775-81 NEW

Chinese Export & Other Silver:

Currently no items available.

Antique Sheffield & Other Silver Plate:

Després, Jean Mid-Century Modern Silver Plate Sauce Boat with Stand, Avallon, France, c. 1950's

Pair of Antique Sheffield Silver plate Wine Coasters, Sheffield, c. 1820-40 NEW


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